Monday, June 25, 2018
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Dash Panel and Gauge Guide

Classic Dash
5111Grumman Dr., Unit 1
Carson City, NV 89706
United States
(775) 883-7904 (Main Phone)
Classic Dash just released the 62-page “Dash Panel & Gauge Application Guide.” Products are manufactured in-house in Classic Dash’s Carson City, NV facility.

Configuring a new dashboard installation can be a daunting
task, given all the available options from Classic Dash. By way of
example, we’re dealing with three panel finishes, typically 15-18
gauge styles, and a host of accessories.
We’ve prepared this Application Guide to help simplify the
process. You’ll also find our website a useful tool, as you can click
on the desired panel finish, then select a gauge style, and a sample
will be presented.
Next on the Guide is a description of what the package
contains, followed by a list of available gauge options (some panels
can accommodate either 3-3/8" or 5" diameter speedometer and
tachometer, as well as 2-5/8" or 2-1/16" gauges).
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